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Finding Jen was providence. Her Janzu therapy came at a time in my life where everything was shifting for me. A rebirth. A transformation. Janzu was such a beautiful and deeply meditative experience. Profound, actually. I  LOVED IT.

It immersed me in the healing waters of Mother Ocean, allowed me to go inward and naturally allowed me to hold my breath for as long as was comfortable. I felt as if I was travelling through the waters to a distant place that I recognized. Home. 

Janzu rebirth was at once a movement, a dance, and a COMPLETE SURRENDER.

I highly suggest Jen and her services for a transformative and lasting experience like none other. I imagine it is a very personal and individualized experience. A deep healing experience.

I often dream of the experience and am immediately at peace. Jen, I can't wait for next time.

Coming from someone who had never heard of janzu, it has been completely life changing. I had absolutely no expectations and finished the first session knowing it would not be my last. The exchange of emotions and spirit from Jen to myself (and vice-versa) allowed me to experience a new and deeper level of connectedness with my mind and body with each additional session. This was only possible due to the trust and support that the amazing Jen provided during and after each session. I now crave the healing effects of janzu, and strongly believe people would benefit from the daily practice of it.
Although I have sadly left Bacalar, where Jen is currently facilitating sessions, I know that the power of healing and the sacred water will always be within me, at an accessible reach. This is only possible because of Jen, who has allowed me to realise my own potential and the potential the water has to heal each and every one of us.
I won't ever be able to thank Jen enough for introducing me to this incredible practice.​

I went into Janzu with little knowledge of what the healing method was and what a session would feel like but I was open to the experience. Jen has such a comforting presence and I felt safe in her arms. At the start of our session there was some internal resistance but one slowly lets go and surrenders to the fluid motion and dance. Jen is a loving conduit that channels the healing powers of water. I felt like I underwent a sacred initiation and I was returned to the womb of the mother and had a gentle but profound release, as I was embraced and held in so much love. Jen cocreated (Or maybe "facilitated" sound better?) this healing ceremony that I will forever be thankful for. It is such a magical gift that she provides that has to be experienced for oneself.

"My session with Jen was incredibly powerful and transformative. I have had a huge fear of the ocean stemming from a near death experience I had when I was 16, almost drowning in a rip tide. Jen held the container so I could work through some of these traumatic memories I had stored in my body. Jen has such a nurturing, healing presence and is deeply aligned on her path to help others experience the magic of the water. I feel a renewed sense of excitement to work through my fears of the ocean. I felt so connected and present with my body, allowing the healing water to flow through me. Super grateful for Jen and hope everyone gets to experience her magic."

-Serena Rebers, Kauai 


"The session I had with Jennifer was far more powerful than I could have ever expected. As someone who researches and receives all kinds of healing sessions for a living, I was truly blown away at the depth of Jennifer's process and her capacity to guide me to such a deep layer of my inner psyche. 

-John Burgos, host of Beyond The Ordinary


Wow! Such a phenomenal experience to be guided by Jen's magical touch and shining light and to be set free within the warm, gentle embrace of the Great Salt Pond. A wonderful, life-altering experience that will awaken your soul and make you realize your inner peace is closer than you think. Go Janzu with Jen, and you won't regret it.

Myles Weissleider, San Francisco, CA

Jen Lighty is a guide, a priestess, a mythologist, a story-teller and a scholar, Jen has spent her life preparing for her work helping others achieve transformation into their own beauty–that is, she re-introduces people to themselves and their own sacred journeys. I never understood the concept of ‘finding one’s teacher’ until I began to walk the path with Jen toward clarity, toward compassion, toward the light.

Lisa Starr, former poet laureate RI

Through the depth and power of the water element, janzu heals so many layers--physical, mental, emotional, ancestral, spiritual . . . . It has been a transformative experience for me, and I am so thankful to Jen for guiding me through each session with her open heart, sensitivity and intuition.

Jamie Rose, Block Island, RI

Image by Jacob Dyer


"She's done with the borrowed light of the moon. She's trying to see the real world beyond her now projections. Thirsty, she moves toward greater thirst. Hungry, she enters a deeper hunger. She's trying to get lost enough to find her self. And all the while she transforms her struggle into these wonderful, delicious poems. This book is a feast." 

-Li-Young Lee, author of Behind My Eyes and other books


Nominated for The Pushcart Prize

Image by Nick Fewings
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