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The Art of Spell-Casting

Mentorships in Poetic & Practical Magic

Image by Michael Dziedzic


The Mū Hawaiians know that for an act of magic to achieve its intended result, the magician must be in homeostasis.

The first step in magic, as all witches know, is to join with one's coven.

In modern terms, the coven, or po'ai in Hawaiian, is one's domain.

In these mentorships we'll uncover and proclaim your domain through the magic of metaphor so that you can become an effective magician with the ability to consciously create on the quantum level.

Image by Nikita Tikhomirov


Preserved in the DNA of ferns, pua’aehuehu, is a body of knowledge on emotional intelligence as a path to ascension and completion of the human experiment on Earth. This path was delineated by people known as the Mū, the original planetary civilization, remnants of which have survived to the current day in the Mū Hawaiian culture. 

Because ferns had reached evolutionary stasis, they were the perfect avatars for preserving this wisdom when it became clear human civilization was going to be destroyed by catastrophic earth changes. The ferns volunteered for this task and have been carrying this intelligence with much grace and alluring beauty. Who hasn’t been moved by the sight of forest floor covered in ferns, or been moved to sit in their shade on a hot summer day? Who hasn’t been fascinated by their feathered fractals? 

Image by Isabela Kronemberger


The Draco lineage has been misunderstood for too long. As a descendant of this star lineage, I am here to correct its distortions and reclaim the experiments of ritual, sacrifice and death as contributions to human evolution.

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