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Eye of Horus or Eye of Ra ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics art. The Eye of Horus is an ancie


Bridging the Gap Between Imagination & Logic

I started this Substack in April, 2022 with the intent to restore the mythic imagination through exploration of story, myth and poetry as they wove their way into my daily life.

It's been a hugely rich and rewarding venture for me and hopefully my readers.

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Student Feedback

“Jen Lighty is a poetry Shaman. And like all Shamans, she doesn’t give you the answer – she allows you to discover that the answer, the poetry, has been within you all along. You had only to wake up to hear it. She coaxes the poetry from your bones that you did not know was there. A kind and gentle soul and a brilliant poet, she guides you through the intricate awakenings, the magical dreamings, of your poetry-soul.” 

–Vernon Fowlkes, author of The Sound of Falling

FINALLY: Jen Lighty's 30 Day Poetry Challenge is one of the best writing courses I've taken. I can't say enough about Jen's daily prompts which offer just the right balance of structure and freedom, nuts-and-bolts instruction and spiritual concepts. The prompts are complex yet accessible, and inspire personal and global reflection akin to good therapy! Jen's generous feedback bolsters confidence and provides suggestions for ongoing revisions. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in poetry.

-Drew Carson, Rochester, New Hampshire

“I had the pleasure of recently participating in Jen Lighty’s 30 for 30 Poetry Challenge. Jen’s workshops are illuminating, fun, interesting, and challenging. She continually provides unique insights into the good work of writing. Jen leads her workshops with intelligence and a buoyant, joyful spirit.”

-Jim Elsaesser, PA

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