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Access your body’s primal memories of wholeness, interconnectedness and wonder in this innovative session combining bodywork, ritual, sound healing and nervous system recalibration to nature’s original organic codes with the help of pua’aehuehu, esoteric Hawaiian fern medicine.

Each customized session begins with self-attunement through the Hawaiian practice of ku like, a simple process for connecting with one’s nau and pu’uwai, the energetic feminine and masculine centers correlating in the physical body to the sacral area and the heart. 

Through connection with your feminine and masculine, we’ll determine in conversation what ferns want to assist in our ceremony and you’ll be offered the option to take an oral dose of the medicine or medicines, or to have them applied topically in the bodywork portion of the session. Medicinal hydrosols, tinctures and anointing oils are from Pōhala Hawaiian Botanicals on Maui.

Integration of the fern medicine will be facilitated through gentle lomi lomi massage with hot stones, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, anointing of the ‘iwi ‘iwi kuamoa (spinal chord) with fern medicinals, and sound healing with crystal bowls and toning.   

These customized sessions have the potential to invoke deep cellular change on a quantum level. Not only your life will be changed. As you realign with the organic, your healing is a contribution to humanity, Earth and the Cosmos.

As someone who has worked directly with the ferns for the past three years, I know the potency of this medicine firsthand and am continually astonished at its precision, power and subtlety. You’ll have the opportunity to release and integrate traumas and emotional and mental blocks on all levels and lifetimes while receiving compassionate touch supported by the ferns.

Through my work with Ke’oni Hanalei of Pōhala Hawaiian Botanicals, I have recovered my memory of my Draco lineage, which enables me to scan the energetic emotional body of clients to see where blockages have settled and assist in releasing them through ritual and the grace of my hands. I also carry the gifts of the Sirius lineages to heal through sound frequency and the power of water, the carrier of memories and the universal solvent. I already knew I had these abilities, but in my sharing of remembering where they came from, I offer you the opportunity to expand your story of humanity’s origins and purpose that will inspire your own memories to arise as your own evolutionary guides.

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