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What is Aguahara

Aguahara is akin to baptism, immersion in water to establish a connection the sacredness of one's own being as a body on Earth. Beyond technique, I like the phrase used by creator Alexander Siebenstern to describe it, "Being Work." 


The beauty of Aguahara is that everyone's journey in relationship to the water  is different. I share a bit of my own journey here to give you an idea of the transformative impact this work has had on my life. 


My journey with water began like yours, in the womb of my mother.

From the time I was a little girl playing on the beaches of Block Island, RI have loved the ocean in all its moods.


In love with literature and language, I pursued a traditional education that culminated with the realization that I was a poet, not a professor. I moved to my childhood refuge, Block Island, year round and allowed the elements to shape me as I devoted myself to writing.


Wind and waves made me both stronger and softer. Free from most of the distractions and routines of modern society, I learned my own rhythms until the waves carried me to Peru and Hawaii, and from there to Mexico, where I made a home on the Yucatán peninsula.

Swimming in the crystalline lagunas and cenotes, I discovered janzu and aguahara, eventually becoming trained in both modalities after experiencing profound healing and transformation through the water.

I returned to Block Island for summers and introduced these modalities in hundreds of sessions in the oceans and ponds of this very special little island. 

Aqua Odyssey was born from the union of my passions and life experience. While many aquatic therapists work in pools, I knew from witnessing the transformative power of nature, that I wanted to connect people with the essence of water through direct experience of currents, wind and waves; to connect with the spirit of water, to be enchanted and forever changed by this miraculous substance that makes life on Earth possible.

While some aquatic modalities use the water as a medium to heal and release, I want everyone who comes in the water with me to be water, to flow with what is in a dance of simultaneous being and becoming that is beyond everyday words.


I want to release the poem inside each one of us where we are one again with the Great Mother, in awe of life and living each day as a ceremony of praise for all we have been given.


Water is alive, a holy being. Humans have been baptized in it for as long as we know in recorded history, and probably beyond that to the time when our ancestors first crawled onto land. We all dream of going back to the water.

Join me in this ancient tradition with an Aguahara session, experience yourself as the truth of who you are, a body of water.



-Hawaiian proverb

Surrender is the door. 

I can’t tell you what is on the other side for you, but I will support you as witness and guide on your journey.

I do my best not to create expectations for my clients, and I am also aware from my own healing and from the hundreds of sessions I’ve given, that traumas stored in the body can sometimes arise in the intimate embrace of the water. In order to better hold space for people, I studied trauma-informed somatic bodywork, graduating from The Pacific School for Awareness and Bodywork on Kauai and am now a licensed massage therapist. 

I am currently on Hawai'i Island immersed in the frequencies of the spinner dolphins and whales, the mountains sloping to the sea that house goddesses and volcanoes.

In this time of great transformation on Earth, I believe that finding the sacred within will connect us to the truth that life is sacred. A realization like that can change everything about how one sees the world and chooses to participate with what we're given.

Every session with me is a prayer that adds to the beauty of the world. It is my honor to serve you and the water. 


"Just sit there right now. Don't do a thing. Just rest. For your separation from God, from love, is the hardest work in this world."


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