Aqua Odyssey Immersion Bacalar

November 28-December 2, 2018

Flow Home

As you wake with the sun rising over the far side of the laguna, a deep sense of knowing fills your body. Your heart quickens. How many footsteps have brought you to this moment? How many breaths? Maybe you're afraid. Maybe you're nervous. Maybe you can't wait. Whatever the case, by day's end you will be reborn. Knowing this, feeling it in all your cells, you exhale, allowing your heart to be filled with birdsong, breathing in the jungle sounds, allowing the lap of water on the lakeshore to soften your edges.

You are born to flow. 70% of your body is made of water, and the same amount courses through and over  Mother Earth as well. Do you remember floating in your mother's womb? Most of us forget when we're born, entering a world that denies the truth of who we are: limitless beings connected to all of the cosmos. We are meant to live in sacred flow as one.


So many of us have lost our primal connection to the elements, forgetting who we truly are: Children of Mother Earth. Crushed by the pressures of modern life, you may have limited yourself to a script that isn't true any more. A script that's told you resources are limited and you have to struggle to support yourself, that humans don't deserve to be on Earth, that we are doomed to endless wars, that the planet is dying and there is nothing you can do.


What if I told you our Earth is evolving and you are, too? As in any birth, the unknown may seem scary. Things are falling apart in order to make way for the new. It may seem like you have no choice in how you or the planet evolves, but what if evolution is a conscious process you can choose? Cutting edge science proves just this, each cell of your body has awareness and responds to intention. An Aqua Odyssey Immersion will resanctify and reconsecrate your connection to water--in your body and flowing all over Earth.

With your breath, bone, blood and skin as guides, you'll tap into your own flow in a sacred dance with The Lake of Seven Colors that will reprogram you cells to remember and embody your cosmic birthright to joy, ease and abundance as a child of the Great Mother.

You belong. You are here for a reason. As you transform on a cellular level, your gnosis flows out from you to touch all the lakes, rivers and oceans, and the people who live near them. As Dr. Masaru Emoto proved in his revolutionary experiments with frozen water crystals, our thoughts and emotions are vibrational medicine that can heal the world. 

This is a lot of information, I know. Take a breath now and tap into your heart. Listen to your soul Are you the one waking up with the sun on the edge of the mystical laguna?

Welcome! You have answered the call of the water! Mother Earth is singing to you through the birds! Close your eyes, take a deep breath, let the water come for you...

It's time to trust and allow. It's time to surrender...

Let's Flow!

Why Bacalar?

The Lake of Seven Colors is a 55 kilometer laguna in the southern Yucatan, just above the Belize border. It contains some of the most healing water on the planet.  Ringed by oxygen-charging mangroves and the home of stromatolites, reef-like structures formed by cyanobacteria that are the oldest forms of life on Earth,the laguna is super-charged with minerals and vibrational waves that will realign you with the heart of Mother Earth. 

Stromatolites, one of the most ancient forms of life on Earth

We have the ability to flow like water in all we do, yet so many of us have forgotten how. The small town of Bacalar, situated on the laguna, is a quiet, relaxing place with a developing tourism industry that is aware that it must develop sustainably with the Earth. Mexican culture in general, is more relaxed than the U.S. If you need to unplug and experience a slower pace of life this immersion is for you! 

What You'll Learn

Aquaflow Water Meditation, a form of janzu, heals on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is a direct transmission from the water spirits themselves. It connects us to the truth of who we are and why we are here on this planet. As creatures composed of 70% water, we are born to flow! Your physical body will experience gentle releases that can't happen on land, especially in the spine and hips.

Mentally, it is an opportunity to let go of thought patterns, judgment and limiting beliefs.


Emotionally, Aquaflow will connect you to what needs to be healed in you, and to the emotions of the planet, as emotions are stored in water. The fear and unacknowledged grief about what humans are doing to the biosphere will be a special focus of this immersion. By purging our individual fear and grief, we'll contribute to healing others through the power of vibrational medicine.


Spiritually, water meditation is a form of activism that ripples out to effect all the water on Earth. It is a form of gnosis that experientially connects us to the truth of who we are: quantum, multidimensional beings with the powerful ability to individually and collectively shape our health and the health of the planet.


We are powerful creators. At this pivotal time on our planet when things may seem hopeless, we have the choice to acknowledge our power and use it responsibly to benefit all Life, thus an Aqua Odyssey is a journey within that will benefit the outer world, ultimately helping you realize these are false boundaries in the first place!


We are one. Expand you inner and outer reality through the potent medicine of water healing and know this once and for all. You will live from a different place and your presence will help others with compassion and non-judgment to know this, too. Come join us in ceremony and experience the bliss of surrender when you soften, open your heart, and flow in the sacred dance of giving and receiving.


Relax into joy, grieve if you need to, re-experience the wonder of childhood and the gratitude that comes with knowing that life is sacred, and that all the pain you've experienced until now has been to open you to the heart's truth. The light is within you and rippling through the water, waiting for you to see it, to enter, and to join it in flow.

My experience at Jen's retreat in Bacalar was amazing, more than I could have ever imagined. The retreat space was nurturing and inviting for the participants to let go and be present. Jen and the other facilitators were knowledgeable and open-hearted with the ability to draw a group of strangers into a cohesive group of loving, supportive beings. The water of the lagoon and the Janzu sessions for me was a rebirth and one of the most profound healing experiences I have ever had and I will carry always in my soul. Thank you Jen I hope to do it again.   -Lily Tarbet, Pagosa Springs, CO

By the end of this journey...

You will feel more connected to your own flow and the flow of Mother Earth, as well as being more able to flow with others. 

You will have tapped into your intuition and your instinctual body and learned to give and receive Aquaflow Water Meditation.

You will trust that Mother Earth is supporting you.


You will have a greater ability to deeply surrender and receive.

You will have made deep soul connections with the others in the group.

Your soul will be awakened as to how you can serve the planet.

Your body, mind, and spirit will be more expanded.

You will have more ability to create the life you desire.


You will feel renewed and reborn.


Best of all, your heart will be filled with wonder, awe and gratitude. You will feel more aware, embodied and fluid, and able to be present with whatever life offers you.

Who We Are

The sacred dance of giving and receiving

My galactic signature is Blue Spectral Hand. I was born to dissolve, release, liberate and heal. For me, this journey took the form of many years of self-healing before I found my path of service and began to help others. Much of my healing and soul embodiment was received directly from the elements. I lived year round on Block Island, RI, a small island of the east coast of the US making a living as a laborer and forager. During my years there I focused on developing my sensibility and craft as a poet, publishing three books.


I surrendered to the dark of winter within and without. Slowly, without my knowing it, I became intimate with plants and birds, wind, tide and wave patterns. I was claimed by a place. And then, after 10 years, released by it to evolve to my next embodiment as a healer. For the past 10 years, I've lived part of the year on Block Island, and the rest of the time traveling and living in Peru, Hawaii, Central America and Mexico. My explorations have led me in many directions, both inner and outer. I have swum with dolphins on the Big Island, explored plant medicine in Peru, become a Medicine Keeper of The Blue Violet Ray, and had my life totally transformed by janzu while living in Tulum. 


I have training and skills in many modalities including JourneyDanceAccess Bars, Reiki, janzu, rebirthing breathwork, authentic movement, and contact improv, but I feel my greatest strength as a healer is my gentleness and compassion for the difficult process of soul embodiment in a culture that doesn't value the soul. I aspire to hold a space of liberation and self acceptance so that others can transform with grace and  kindness. I created the Aqua Odyssey Immersions to share my reverence and love for water, and it is my great honor to welcome and share this journey with you.

Xavy Zaldumbide

Our host at Casa Lamat and yoga guide will be Xavy Zaldumbide. Xavy is one of the most dedicated yogis I know! He lives in service, creating union wherever he goes. He believes that yoga is for everyone, and his classes are spontaneous and playful. Yoga with Xavy on the dock above the blue water will be one of the many special experiences you'll have during the immersion. He is also an expert sailor with a passionate love for the laguna. His love for Bacalar was his motivation for creating Casa Lamat, a place for people to connect with the peace of nature without harming the environment.

What's Included

*4 nights lodging at Casa Lamat, one of Bacalar's most charming and gracious eco-hotels located right on the laguna. 

*Rooms are double or triple occupancy. Single rooms may be available closer to retreat date for an extra charge.

*Healthy, locally based vegetarian meals & snacks from Wednesday night through Sunday morning.

*All classes & workshops including daily yoga, aquaflow water sessions on the laguna, and afternoon workshops. (TBA-past retreats included sound healing and rebirthing breathwork.)

*Sailing and/or kayaks for transportation to aquatic workshops. (Kayaks and catamarans can be rented from Casa Lamat to use during free time.)

*Temazcal-Mayan sweat lodge ceremony

*16% VAT and 2% hotel tax

Fabulous and fresh, the kitchen at Casa Lamat will nourish us with three vegetarian meals a day. Please let us know if you have any food sensitivities so we can accommodate you.

What's Not Included

*Transportation to and from Bacalar. Nearest airports are Cancun and Chetumal. From Cancun, it's 5 hours south to Bacalar. Take the first class ADO bus or rent a car. Chetumal is reached via domestic flight from Mexico City. I'm happy to guide you through the process of getting to Bacalar!

*Gratuities for Casa Lamat staff.

Extending Your Stay

*Some of you may want to stay longer to relax in Bacalar or explore the surrounding area. There are Mayan ruins nearby, the beach at Mahahual or Tulum, and snorkeling and scuba diving a couple of hours away across the Belize border.

*In addition, I will be available before and after the immersion for private aquaflow sessions and lessons, Access Bars sessions, and coaching, cost to be determined based on your needs and desires.

"I went into Janzu with little knowledge of what the healing method was and what a session would feel like but I was open to the experience. Jen has such a comforting presence and I felt safe in her arms. At the start of our session there was some internal resistance but one slowly lets go and surrenders to the fluid motion and dance. Jen is a loving conduit that channels the healing powers of water. I felt like I underwent a sacred initiation and I was returned to the womb of the mother and had a gentle but profound release, as I was embraced and held in so much love. Jen cocreated (Or maybe "facilitated" sound better?) this healing ceremony that I will forever be thankful for. It is such a magical gift that she provides that has to be experienced for oneself."

                                                                                                     --Cecilia Ines, New York, NY, USA

Listen to your wild heart. Surrender to your body's call.

Flow home...

Price: $850 USD

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My soul knows.

My heart says yes! 

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  I have a feeling that my boat
has struck, down there in the depths,
against a great thing.
                    And nothing
happens! Nothing...Silence...Waves...

    --Nothing happens? Or has everything happened,
and are we standing now, quietly, in the new life?

--Juan Ramon Jimenez,

trans. Robert Bly

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*Balance due Nov. 1, 2018

*We reserve the right to cancel immersion if not enough spots are filled. In that case deposit will be refunded.

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